Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tides of change

Sometimes we try to swim against the tides of life. And sometimes we just can't continue, we must veer off course, for our own good, for new currents beckon, or our craft is too weak to battle the tides.
Mathews has been a long time dream of my husband, and a new found haven for me, but we are now looking at making Tappahannock our home.
We will know the answer to our contract offer this week, but it looks promising. It's a home that offers comprises that pleases my family, friends, horses, pets, husband and me.
Dreams are wonderful but comprise is contentment and that is what a home should be. I just hope we have found ours.


  1. hey i love your blog!! could you follow me too??

    Thank You!! :) I have horses too..

  2. Keeping all digits crossed for you!

  3. ps~we are only 15 miles from Tappahannock! Neighbor?