Thursday, January 21, 2010

Old Friends, New Friends and the Internet

Back in Craig County, where I lived, for 4 isolated years, my sole and dearest friend was my next door neighbor. She was a native of Craig County, some 10 years my senior, but only on the calendar, not physically nor in spirit! She asked me one day for a favor, something she very rarely did. She wanted to know if I would go with her to her childhood church and photograph it for her. As we rode there she told me the story of how her aunt had purchased the church and had forbade her and her family from going near it. In the mountains kin folk often had arguments that ran down thru generations. When we got there I noticed my friend was teary eyed as she looked at the old abandoned church. Later she asked if I could print note cards with a photo on them. Unfortunately my printer was limited and I could not. I suggested that they could be printed at websites or stores but she declined. ( I knew she was on a limited income and felt bad I could not help her)

Soon we were looking to move to Mathews and I came across a blog called Life in Mathews, while looking for info on the town. I became a daily follower and soon learned how to post to a blog...remember I am a senior member of society!!! I have met many wonderful people aka blogger thru the Internet. While reading about Mathews I find another blogger's site who is a photographer...and oh I am so envious of her talent. Being a kind person she shares a website with me that will help my photo editing. Ah ha! There on that website are the 2 effects I have been wanting to apply to the photo of the old church but have not had the time nor the clear mind to sit for hours in front of Corel PhotoPaint and try to achieve it! Click Click it's done!...then there's an ad.....for note cards! you betcha! So I purchase a modest amount of notecards and send them to my old friend in Craig County.

I spoke with her today. She was crying, good tears, she got the cards, she loves them, misses me, and the mean old aunt died day before yesterday! All is well in Craig County, and Mathews thanks to the internet....(and a friend in N.Y. who takes incredible photos!)


  1. What a sweet story and what sweet girls.
    You are sweet too Ghostless! So glad you moved here.

  2. Awesome. That is just wonderful. What a great and priceless gift you were able to give your friend.

    I will miss the notion that you're actually moving here, but since you're right up the road in Noe Noe and Big Hair's territory, you're still in the neighborhood. Don't forget to have a big housewarming party when you get settled so we can all meet that infamous Tonic.

  3. Could you also share the website and the place that made your notecards?

  4. How how very wonderful ... cant wait to meet you in person!!!!

  5. The website where I had the cards made is The website with the photo editing "tricks" is Thanks for asking, CountryDew
    As for CBW and NNG I will definitely have an open house...once the sponge bob wall paper is gone! and Daryl....ditto and thank you!