Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Demon Pony!!!!

Two years ago, about a month before my 29 yr old pony, Mouse passed away, I was on the Internet cruising horse ads. This is a 24 hr. hobby of mine! I saw the pony foal in KY and turned to my husband and said "If anything ever happens to Mouse, I want this pony!"
You asked for it, Maureen! You wanted that cute little demon pony! You even drove all the way to KY to buy him!
Now I love my horses dearly, but having trained and shown since I was a teenager, they are all so very well behaved. Surely this little mini won't be a problem?!!! Even Mouse came around and was good.
Well, demon pony, aka Professor Duncan McSplat, is part mini, part Shetland, and part hackney. Those that know horse and pony breeds, at the utterance of hackney, take a big step backwards, hang their heads, put their hand on my shoulder for condolences. You see, they are demon ponies...no offense to all the beautiful hackney ponies out there...but you know you are!
He rears up and boxes with me, I correct him and he thinks it's a game, He runs circles around me when I lead him, now mind you I can control a 1200 lb horse....and yes I have a stud chain on this 300 lb pony....he laughs! He nips! I smack, now it's how quickly can I nip and duck. But let the vet come, and he hides behind me let a child.
I did find a way to teach him manners. An old tried and true method done with weanlings....the donkey! Poor poor Tonic....they live together now. Duncan no longer harasses her and has a new found respect for me....SOMETIMES...lil demon pony


  1. Must be short man's syndrome.

    Most small ponies I've ever come across were evil. I was bucked off a Shetland once. We were on a trail ride heading back to the barn. AS soon as we turned to head back, she took off like a BULLET, kicked up her heels and threw me off.

    Another pony - not as small as a Shetland--named Pendragon used to lie down whenever anyone rode on her.

    Then there was my own pony Thunder. She would bite me every time I cinched the girth. She only went where she wanted to go. Stubborn as a mule.

    Can't wait to meet Duncan AND Tonic.

  2. Oh boy what fun .. an imp pony .. poor Tonic ... Poor Ghostless ..