Wednesday, January 27, 2010

House of cards?

Talking about the fact that we have finally found a home before we actually close, is almost like breathing on a house of cards! Our luck has been so phenomenally bad...or just weird. So I am posting a photo of the public boat landing at Wares Wharf on the Rappahannock River a mile from our hopefully new home.
I am so ready to move, but so sorry that it is not here in Mathews. I have grown so fond of this little town. But it is only an hour away, and this home brings me an hour closer to family, friends, our doctors, and Mike's job.
The house has, other than needing an electrical upgrade, only interior cosmetic problems. Such a relief from the structural and septic issues we faced on all the other homes. And most my book, it is ready for my dogs, cats and horses.
Because the realtor has been so kind to rent us a house he has for sale, and because I have senior toy dogs that use piddle pads and think carpet is one big pad! I have been sleeping and living in the eat in section of the kitchen. I will go to great lengths for my little rescued companions, I have had most for 12 years. But as you can imagine living in a kitchen for 2 1/2 months gets a little cramped when you are use to a house. Oh and I have the 2 cats in a large cage in the washer/dryer section of the kitchen. I am not particularly a cat person, but I rescued these 2 cats four years ago, and they lived in my basement in my other house. I can't turn them loose until I get to our new house with its basement. As for Duval the parrot, his cage is on the carpet on a tarp, Sorry can't sleep with his squawking!!
So as you can tell by my rambling, I am stir crazy and ready to move....please don't breathe on my house of cards!


  1. I totally understand you need to tread gently around til the ink is dry on the closing documents. We had 3 closing dates scheduled/postponed before the sale of our FL condo went through. Keeping all digits crossed ...

  2. Fingers crossed! You will be closer to me and BHE too! You may become sick of us. Yes, I just invited myself over!