Friday, January 8, 2010

The ghost story my husband won't tell

My husband lived part of his childhood in an old farm house that his parents rented in Orange County, VA. His Mother and I were very close, she was very much into researching the history of haunted houses in VA. At first she would just tell me about the houses she would sew drapes and valances for. And that once and a while she would encounter one that would be haunted and the owners would tell her the history. Although she would not experience the haunting. When she and I got to know each other better, we both became comfortable sharing our experiences, it was then that she told me about the house she lived in when Mike was a child. Mike will only verify that the story is true but will not talk about it.
She and her husband and baby son slept across the hall from their daughter who was 9. and Mike and his other younger brother had a room next to the daughter. For about a week the Daughter Kathleen would wake up screaming with nightmares about people in her room. Mrs. B. would have to go to her and console her. One night Mrs. B. hears footsteps in the hall outside their door, she wakes her husband who also hears them. He picks up one of the boys baseball bats laying in the room as he does not have a weapon. Kathleen can be heard screaming in her room. The parents run to her room but no one is there but Kathleen is levitated above her bed and then drops back onto the bed. The 2 brothers are standing in the hall and their fox terrier is barking like crazy. Kathleen is screaming "they tried to take me!"
Mr. B. runs and follows the dog down the hall who has started up the stairs to the attic, it then yelps and comes lifted off its feet tumbling down the stairs. Mr. B. looks and their are human foot prints in the dust on the stairs to the attic. no one in the family uses the attic.
This ended the nightmares for Kathleen, but Mrs. B. would never stay in the house with the children when her husband was at work. She would have them outside. They moved shortly afterwards. A few years before I met her, there was a professor at UVA who was researching the history of haunted houses in VA. Mrs. B. contacted him, trying to get info on the house and related the story. This is the alledged history to that house. It was owned by 2 married brothers. It seems one brother and his sister in law fell in love and had a child, when the child was 9 the affair was revealed to the other spouses, resulting in a double suicide of the illicit lovers/parents to the 9 year old girl. Kathleen's room was that child's room, the assumption is, they were returning for their child!


  1. No wonder Mike won't talk about that! I can't imagine how traumatic it must have been.

    I wonder if there is any research on haunted homes in K&Q County...I know of a few.

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    I'm just dablen in this ghost chasing thing;)

  2. What a story! Mike's sister must have never had a good night's sleep again in her life, poor thing.

    We need to take you down to Mark's house--during daylight hours ONLY. If you want to go this weekend, let me know.

    p.s. the word veri was whici. That's all I"m saying.

  3. WHOA! FREAKY!!! Truly traumatic for all concerned.

  4. WOW .. our basement is haunted .. I don't go down there alone because seriously you can feel something isn't right