Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alright, ....o.k.

Have you ever noticed how certain people have phrases they say over and over again. But if you mention it to them, they say...I don't say that, or not all the time. Well, if you ever want to prove the a parrot.

Enter stage left....Duval!
We bought Duval, a red headed conure, in Key West, Fl. when he was less than a year old. He is now 37 years old!
Funny thing is, we never attempted to teach him to talk, and he talks up a storm.
We had a young man doing some renovation work on our house when we first got him, he thought it was funny to cluck like a chicken to him...yep, Duval immitates a hen perfectly. He calls "Michael" which Mike claims is a sign of my nagging! We say "good night, Duval" each night. Uh! Oh! is something he picked up. He will call the names of the current dogs I have as I yell for them out the back door...he has outlived so many of them.
He had not expanded his vocabulary in years, but his cage has been more isolated from us over the years. We are now renting a small house until we buy one so he is in th living room...or right on top of us. Now unless you have ever been around a not judge us as to why his cage has drifted from ear shot!
The other day, my husband was on the phone with a man from work. It was all I could so to keep from laughing out loud. As Mike was trying to wind the conversation down, his side of the call was going....alright...o.k.....alright....o.k. Soon, in a non stop rthymic pattern I hear this low alright, o.k., alright, o.k.! and it continued after Mike hung up. I'm breaking up with laughter, Duval is still chanting, and Mike just thinks I am nuttier than usual. Of course when I explain it...Mike chimes in with....I don't say that! The proof is in the bird! Alright....o.k.!


  1. Love it! Each family member you introduce gets more and more interesting..and funny. 37 years is longer than most people stay married, so you and Duval--and of course Mike--have weathered a lot together.

  2. Oh you and Lauren can compare notes, she had a parrot too .. of course I cant remember its name now ..

  3. Duval needs Prozac!!! He's mean as a snake! or maybe I need the Prozac! He and Demon Pony make a good pair. He will bite your hand off then if you don't jerk it back after he has or has not drawn blood, he will get on your hand and walk up your arm to your shoulder. A real manly man's bird! Suck up the pain and prove that you can handle me!!! Mike sends me in the cage after him!!!!!

  4. OMG!!! 37? Really? I cannot wait to hear Duval talk. Is he named after Robert?

  5. He is named after a street in Key West.