Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter's renovation

Beneath the snow and ice in this pretty winter scene is really a culvert and a swamp! I am hoping that all the renovations that we are doing to our house will prove to be just as wonderful as this...but who can compete with Nature!
Almost all the rooms are painted now and we move this weekend. The major move will be the storage units in Richmond which will be later next week....or so. Basically, all that is here is some clothes, a bed, a chair and my computer! The big part will be moving the 10 dogs, ,2 cats and the parrot cages, kennels and all in one day! But for now I will just look at the peaceful photo and not consider the swamp about to face me this weekend!!!


  1. Good luck with the move, it's never fun, but soon enough you'll be all settled in and all the frustration will be behind you. If you need any help, including pet sitting services, I ought to be home all weekend.

  2. What a gorgeous view .. I must show you a similar photo I took many years ago in Connecticut with real film ...

    10 dogs .. oh my golly ..

    I would offer to help if I lived closer, it sounds like it will be a lot of work .. good luck!!

  3. I just saw your comment over at CBW's and wanted to welcome you back. Now that you are settled, are you up for some visitors?? NNG & I would LOVE to welcome you to the neighborhood:)