Friday, February 12, 2010

friend or worker....both

If you have followed this blog then you know we sold our house in Nov. with only 30 days to move and no where to go. Well, someone gave us the name of a guy to hire to help. His name is Denny. He looks like a young Willie Nelson without the beard, has a deep South West Mountain accent and a constant smile. He must have the ever ready bunny for a cousin. Denny never stops! (I have never heard an impolite word much less a curse word from him) Now I know we paid him well, but this man brought me soup and chicken on his day off when I was sick in bed and fed my horses for me. He was extra careful of my old and tiny dogs when he was working always checking where they were so they didn't get out. He and his wife and friend drove trucks in the pouring down Nor'Ida to get me settled in at night into our rental house, a 9 hour drive, setting up kennels for my dogs, and then driving back halfway unloading at a storage unit in Richmond then completing the 9 hr return trip to return the U Haul trucks that next day.
Well, Denny has stayed in contact with us and I will have no other person but he, come and renovate our house and help us move. (did I mention he is a contractor, who like many is out of work right now) He is coming down on Saturday and is staying probably 2 or 3 weeks until the job is done. Now we don't have money to throw around, but if we are going to pay to have work done I know it will be done right and that Denny will be working sun up til sun down.
If any one reading this is looking for a hard working employee who is honest and skilled, pay him right, Denny will give you 150%
Denny is now a friend, we talk and laugh on the phone, his wife Beverly comments in the back ground, she is ex military Iraq war vet, very serious, a tall, strong, beautiful woman...they are quite a pair. Kind of like my photo of Moon and a stray barn cat.
Actually Denny and I are that way too, My husband refers to him as "My baby boy" He called Denny today and said "Momma wants her baby boy to help her move on Saturday so Dad is sending money" Denny just laughed and said "tell Mom, I'm on my way!"
Point is, you never know where a friendship will develop, the most unlikely character will become a friend, all it takes is shared values, for Denny and me it's hard work, honesty, consideration of others, and a good laugh!

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  1. What a great story and you are so right. you never know where a friendship will develope. Can. Not. Wait to see your new place!