Monday, February 22, 2010


Is this a bear in a N.Y. zoo? no it's my dog Griz Bear last week in his kennel here in Mathews in the snow. He loves it! Me...nope! I haven't posted in a while because this is my last week in this lovely town. I am packing, painting and cleaning. All my favorite things to do! But the house in Tapp. is coming along just fine...let's see, the kitchen ceiling is torn down, the carpet is all torn out, the old wall unit in the bedroom is trashed, 2 old toilets are history, and no electricity today because it's being rewired...ah...home sweet home!!!!
Actually, when I walk thru that house it is so welcoming and light that I would take it like it is today...except it is grubby...previous owners...sorry but you were slobs!!! and I am not Suzy Homemaker...the house is filthy!!! But fresh paint can do wonders as does 409, Clorox, and a mop and bucket!
Anyway, back to the Bear, he and his buddy Dune are in a very small kennel right now due to the limited space at this rental house. I can't wait to turn them loose in their huge back yard and let them no snow!!!! Please note I do not have a photo of Dune to share...he's in his dog house where it is warm!

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  1. What a sweet pup ... I bet he cant wait to run around either ...