Friday, November 27, 2009

Total exhaustion meets pneumonia. Book of Job has a personal meaning. I have never in my life felt so frail, so vunerable. For the first time in my life, I feel old! I have packed the entire house everytime myself and loaded 2 PODS, myself, which includes horse barn items. My brain said keep going the deadline is here...12/1 My body're thru....and off to the ER I went....pneumonia! Luckily they argued and then sent me home so I can cough and point from the cough and the two wonderful guys my husband hired to help me. And my husband finally took vacation...and the earth stood still!
But thanks to our ever patient and ever so kind realtor, we have a rental house to go to, and know of 3 houses to look at as potentials, since 9 0r 10 so far have fallen to bank inspections!
Thank you, God, Thank you, Husband, Thank you, Doctors,Thank you, movers, Thank you, Realtor.

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