Friday, November 6, 2009

Just n Irish Farm

Childhood vacations alternated years between the Homestead and the Tides Inn, Mountains and Bay. As a child I would anxiously wait for my off year to return to my beloved mountain heaven to ride beautiful horses thru cool mountain paths. At the Bay I sought out refuge in the air conditioned bell hop office,bugging them to tell me inland adventures. You see, I get seasick!
My husband and I lived in the counties outside of Richmond, Powhatan and then Louisa. His job often took him out of town during the week, So I learned to live alone, and what I couldn't fix would wait til Saturday.
As we approached our 60's his job took him to Roanoke. Hurray! the Mountains, so after 3 yrs of weekend commuting and the firm promise of a 7 year contract, we sold our farm and moved to Craig county. As the ad says " you asked for it you got it, Toyota!" Well, not being familiar with the area, we got the highest mountain around. The winters are horrid, and my husband hates them, and I am not too fond of them myself. Within 3 months of living here, the 7 yr contract fizzles and he is transferred to Staunton, yes we could have stayed in Louisa!
Not only the contract fizzled but so did the real estate market.
Our house stayed on the market for 3 years with Mike, my husband driving 3 hours home on weekends.
Well, we are now in our sixties, looking towards retirement, his, I am retired/disabled. and he has always loved the bay! He owns a boat with his best friend, also a Mike. and they fish whenever they can in Mathews. He has been so supportive of my life with my horses, that now it's he turn. So it's off to the Bay.... Mathews, VA

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  1. Well, I guess I am the first to comment on your blog. I've seen you over on CBW's site and thought I'd come by and say hello.
    I visited Mathews this past summer and fell in love with it. But I know exactly what you mean by loving those mountains. Wouldn't it be nice to have two places?!! Good luck on the move.