Friday, December 25, 2009

Vines of Time

Time has taken its toll on me physically, sometimes just like this old house caught in the grip of nature's vines. But mentally, I still find my youth and wish for things I did in my past. Here in Mathews I hope to find the time ,,, and strength of body and/or will to do some of those things.
I got art books for Christmas from my to books...I use to dabble with painting and drawing. I want to dabble again. I am finding my love of photography again. Thanks to Mathews scenic vistas and an yet unmet friend who has me hunting down old houses!
We were driving down rt 14 and there were 3 riders with their horses out for a brisk ride on the side of the road, one rider with a santa hat over his helmet! It's been a long time since I have ridden my horse.
Time is not a friend to us in our house hunting endeavors. Seems we are picking difficult houses to finance, but then our finances dictate we pick the difficult ones because we need land for the horses. For the first time in my life I have considered selling the horses. Mike immediately stopped that train of thought saying he wasn't going to visit me in "Catawba" an old mental hospital in the mountains we just left! He's right...being a husband I try not to say that too often!! this time away from them, only a month, and I feel like that old house, choked with vines, part of me is missing.
Maybe time will pass quickly and the New Year will bring a new home and my horses back to me, and maybe some lost talent from my childhood.


  1. You're in transition. Give it a couple of months, at least one full year of all the seasons. Then all your artistic genius will come gushing forth to the surface. This place just does that to people with any sort of leaning in that direction. Too much inspiration.

    The housing dilemma is a pain, but everything happens the way it's supposed to. Your perfect house just hasn't been found yet. You'll find it, and then everything will work out smoothly.

    Don't sell your horses. And please don't sell the donkey. There is at least one (or 4 ) people here counting on a neighbor friend with animals.

    See you Sunday. Prepare to laugh and relax.

  2. Thank you! For the comment, the advice, and visiting my blog.

  3. Ghostless, it was so nice meeting you yesterday. Orange and delightful! Can not wait for our next get together. And more stories!